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Senior Frontend Engineer

R&D – New York City, New York
Department R&D
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

The world needs to change. Corruption and bribery is a major source of poverty and an inhibitor of growth where it's most needed. GAN helps companies that want to stay on the right side of the law and be on top of their compliance effort - Companies that embrace the advantages of technology over spreadsheets and manual paperwork. GAN has built a suite of products that help deal with the different facets of compliance, ranging from whistleblowing case management to due diligence and screening.

We’re very ambitious in our efforts to build world class products for our customers but never naive about what's required to continuously do so. For that we need the best people to join our team.

How we work

We work agile. We experiment, iterate and adapt, but we also like to get it right the first time. We like to materialise prototypes fast, and work from there. We think making good software is complex, but often the complexity lies in what not to build. We like to keep things simple. We value quality and speed equally. We work on small squads that have all the resources to get things done. We plan big blocks together in the whole team, and leave details and execution up to the smaller squads. We trust each other. On the backend we use Node.js with Express and Koa. We store data in MongoDB, PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch.

We are looking for a skilled and dedicated developer to join our small New York engineering team. The ideal candidate is experienced with AngularJS, Angular and working with REST APIs to create a fantastic user experience. We value critical thinking and initiative to raise the bar in regards how our software is built.

What you’ll do

  • Build out new products with the product engineering team (Backenders, PM’s, UI/UX, QA & DevOps)

  • Optimize the application for maximum performance

  • Ship bug-fixes and continuously improve the product

  • Participate in planning and estimation work by bringing frontend knowledge expertise

  • Sparring and peer-reviewing of code with colleagues in the R&D team

  • Be an awesome team-mate


What we’re looking for

  • 2+ years of experience with AngularJS, Angular and Typescript

  • An Angular best practices promoter and advocate, not accepting an “It works for me” attitude

  • Experience in working with REST APIs and JSON

  • Experience with client-side compatibility and performance considerations

  • Experience with testing frameworks for JavaScript and testing in general

  • Being a team player is a must, but you should also be comfortable with working independently on delivering and shipping code

  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools such as Git

  • Familiarity with webpack is a plus

  • Experience with other frontend libraries is a plus

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